Friday, 7 April 2017

paper smile

Is Friday and I am still at university doing my documentary of my placement. 
I should be home, relaxing and starting my Easter break but no that is not how I do it.
 I am going to Tenerife next Wednesday, all by myself, 11 nights.
Luckily I have lot to do, university work and also two books to read, so no worries I am keeping myself busy! 
I am excited but nervous at the same time, last time I was having a holiday by myself was around 1,5 years ago. But now is MEtime, sometimes is good to spend time by yourself, many people can't do that. 
Learn, trust me it is really good for you.

xxx LauraMirjam

Thursday, 6 April 2017

the two sides

This happened.
I was bored so I started to make earrings.
Two side earrings.
So now I have 10 well basically 20 pairs of earrings to wear.

xxx LauraMirjam