Tuesday, 30 August 2016

white jacket

Tuesday outfit at work.

xxx LolaMirjam

calm morning

Calm morning, I love calm mornings.
Coffee, Helsingin sanomat, no rush just me and the morning.
But most of the time  I'm rushing around, looking for my keys, putting makeup, trying to choose what to wear, all of a sudden I have a million things to do even though I wake up one hour before leaving.
Oh calm mornings...where are they?

xxx LolaMirjam

who can make you happy?

Just like you,
I just want to be happy and be loved...that's all.

xxx LolaMirjam

Monday, 29 August 2016

capture my soul

Black and white, 
I just love black and white photos.
"Photography is about capturing souls not smiles."

xxx LolaMirjam

white dream

My dream apartment. 
This is my friend´s apartment. I love the way she decorated the place, every detail.
My dream apartment.

xxx LolaMirjam