Sunday, 31 January 2016


"I rolled tobacco 
and watched as the smoke
flowed and magically,
like you,
left me."

xxx LolaMirjam

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Being loved.

"Dreams come a size
too big
so we can grow
into them."

I love dreaming, I do it all the time, everywhere.

I´m dreaming of...

Living in New York.
Traveling to Latin America.
Falling in love.
Seeing my family right now.
Spending time with my friends in Finland.
Sunny weather.
Hot summer.
A kiss.
Being a dancer.
Seeing my friends I met in NY.
Shopping, perfect wardrobe.
Enough food for everyone.
Walk on the beach.
Holding hands.
Sleeping with someone.
Sweet words.
Being happy.
Doing things I love.
That people I love are happy.
Sound of rain.
Bigger booty (lol).
Having enough money to live the life I dream of.
Buying a house in Italy, for my mom.
Seeing my siblings.
Spending one night with a guy I like.
That my eyebrows grow and my hair.
Seeing Beyonce, Drake, Adele, Kings of Leon and so many more.
Going to Coachella Festival.
Working in fashion industry.
Having own fashion publication.
Being good what I do.
Inspiring others.
Making my parents proud.
Being loved.
Having positive energy around me and my love ones.

I dream big,
 I could go on my list, so many things missing there but I think is better to stop here and keep dreaming.

xxx LolaMirjam

stay inspired

 Stay inspired...

xxx LolaMirjam

Friday, 29 January 2016

a lot...

"I cannot put in to words 
how you make me feel."

"I turned liking you
a lot more than 
I originally planned."

"I think about you a lot
more than I probably should."

"I guess...I just really like you."

xxx LolaMirjam


people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are."

xxx LolaMirjam

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Just because it is pretty

My weekend started today,
 I mean I have a lot to do, mostly university things like research book, I have to come up with the idea of my zine theme (I still have no idea what is going to be the theme, anyone, ideas?),I have to look for inspiration and stay inspired.
 Staying inspired all the time has been the most difficult and challenging thing. I should get inspiration from everywhere, analyze everything like what is the story behind the editorials, why the lighting is like it is, why that man is wearing a black shirt, why her eyes are closed etc. To ask question after question, everything have to have meaning and a reason.
 You can't style editorials and say that you used the red skirt just because it is pretty, no. 
But that is why I'm studying here, to learn things. And I have to say, I have so much to learn!

xxx LolaMirjam


As you can see, I did it. New tattoo and I love it!
Colors are amazing, and I love how sensitive the tattoo is, that is  actually why I wanted that the eyes are closed. 
The tattoo is kind of a self-portrait, it is something personal.
What you think?

xxx LolaMirjam