Wednesday, 25 November 2015

detox, social media detox

Hey you, like you see from the picture I'm doing a social media detox for a month.
I need a break from social media.
I´m comparing myself to others, sometimes I feel jealous about others.
So I think now is time to focus on the things what is happening around me, see the beauty or ugliness around me.
Try to be more creative and look for inspiration.

It is scary that the first thing or the last thing I do when I wake up or go to sleep is look my Instagram, Facebook and snapchat account.I´m so addicted. Everytime I have even a small break I check my accounts. When I'm walking I scroll Facebook and Instagram.

I know this is going to be really hard, even now I'm trying to find my Facebook,Instagram and snapchat apps, but I deleted them all.
My iPhone screen looks empty and poor..

Have you ever tried something like this?

xxx LolaMirjam
p.s. I´m still going to write my blog.

Monday, 23 November 2015

tattoos, I like that shit

I have a plan,a plan to get a new tattoo. Luckily my mom doesn't read this, hah.
Maybe a christmas present to myself?
I know already what I want, I just have to save some money and make an appointment.
Half sleeve, here I come!

xxx LolaMirjam

Sunday, 22 November 2015

he knows the body

First project.
Have you ever heard about designer Azzedine Alaia?
If your answer is no, google it. He is AMAZING designer, I think there is no one who knows woman´s body better than him.
At the beginning I didn't even know who he is.
Even though I was sometimes annoyed that I got a designer that I didn't even know, now I´m so glad that I got him. 
I got to know amazing, unique, timeless designer.

It was really hard project, I mean he has really unique style and he don't follow fashion. There was days that I was ready to cry and go home. And I didn't expect that we were doing our first projects in group. But of course that is a great way to get to know each other.
One month, all about Alaia, his store, his life, designs, future, research book about him, people he has worked with etc.  
 My highlight was a visit to his store,where I saw the real beauty of his designs. There I realized why women love him, like Naomi Campbell and so many more.
He has a lot of loyal customers. 
Alaia cuts his own clothing patterns and sews the samples himself.Ala├»a has always made the clothes he wants to make, at his rhythm, showing them when it pleases him, selling only to stores he likes and delivering them when he wants.The fashion shows are only for his friends and family.

some inspiration pics...

He is just so unique.
We booked a model from Instagram, we borrowed clothes from our friends and photographed in studio.
We wanted something simple but stylish at the same time.
This is our photoshoot inspired by Azzedine Alaia.

So you understand what I mean...

Do you love him now?

xxx LolaMirjam

Friday, 20 November 2015

can you read my mind?

This week has been so tiring.
I am thinking and thinking, I am thinking everything.
My family, uni, work, friends, my life, my goals, past and future.
And when your mind is full on thoughts it is hard to concentrate on anything.
I think it might be the darkness, this time of the year or month,hah.
But you know what I try to stay positive, from tomorrow, hah.
Tonight I am just going to listen Adele (I just bought her new album) and drink tee(so British). I guess I'm getting old or boring.
Is comical to listen heartbreaking songs when you have been single for your entire life, where is he? I guess he is hiding from me...
Like I said there is lot of going on in my mind.
I am surprised that I even have time to think.
Tomorrow is new, better day.

What is on your mind?

xxx LolaMirjam

behind the scenes...

We were test shooting the Serge Gainsbourg-hat project...
I don´t like to be in front of the camera but sometimes you have to sacrifice for your uni project.

xxx LolaMirjam

Thursday, 19 November 2015



This was our individual part of the first project.
My inspiration was designer Azzedine Alaia.
Actually the first unit was all about Azzedine Alaia. It was the first time I heard about him. We (my group) needed to do photoshoot and presentation and then individually, research book, edit the image and then do a project about his future.

For the future project I painted myself all white and projected his designs to the wall. I went to stand in front of the wall so I was part of the designs.
Azzedine Alaia studied sculptor when he was younger so my idea was to be a human sculpture and that is why I was all white.
My friend Elina took all the images.
It was really exciting experience, something different.
And when you think about the tools we had, the outcome is really good! Because we actually used the projector that teachers use in the classroom. 
What you think? Was it worth it to paint myself white? I think I still have some paint in my ear...
Oh and I got to say,Azzedine Alaia is amazing designer. I fell in love with all the garments, especially when I visited his store and heard about his story, amazing!

xxx LolaMirjam

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

"I wont cry for you, my mascara´s too expensive."

I told my friend Elina that I might start a blog and I asked her to take some images for that. 
She is really good at doing makeup so she did my makeup. It was so weird to look at the mirror after I was ready because I don't usually use that much makeup, it was something totally different but in a good way.
We photographed in her room, next to the white wall and believe it or not, the only light we had was her table lamp (the light was yellow).
So I think these images ended up pretty good.

I love editing. Trying different colors,layouts etc.
I edited these images with Picasa, even though I have photoshop.
I used to edit everything with picasa or powerpoint but now I have noticed that the image quality becomes poor when I'm using them.
So I need to learn how to use Photoshop.
What you think about the styling?
Smokey eyes and leather jacket, perfect combination.
Bare skin and messy hair.
Sexy but not tasteless.

xxx LolaMirjam

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bonnie and Clyde

Serge Gainsbourg- Bonnie and Clyde,
Do you know the song?
It is based on an English language poem written by Bonnie Parker herself a few weeks before she and Clyde Barrow were shot, entitled "The Trail's End". The song tells the story of the outlaw couple Bonnie and Clyde.
Our photoshoot was based on the song and the singer, and it was all about the hat. We needed to find a hat inspired by the song and the singer.
Serge Gainsbourg loved alcohol, cigarettes and women. He had scandalous life. He was a French singer,songwriter,pianist,film composer, poet, screenwriter, writer, actor and director.

The photoshoot plan was
-Two lovers ((girls)he would have loved that)
-rough look(Serge looked always kind rough)
-black and white images
-cigarette(Serge always smoked, in every picture)

We need to have three images edited.
This project was group project but the editing part was individual.

inspiration picture

Which one is better?

Cd-cover one

Cd-cover two

xxx LolaMirjam

Monday, 16 November 2015

My portfolio

This in my portfolio, because of this I got to university.
I`m not entirely satisfied with all the work, but I think that is just how I am, never satisfied.
What do you like?


I love to read different quotes of life and emotions. They really speak to me.
Cutting magazines and gluing images are my favorite things to do.



Last summer I decided to make all my summer dresses and not to buy any new ones.
It was really hard but in the end I got dresses that I really liked.



I always take my own self-portraits.
I like to try different things and settings with my camera, that is how I learn to use my camera.
I also like to edit pictures, I don´t have any fancy image editing softwares. I use powerpoint and picasa. My own way. I think i would get so much more with photoshop etc.
But right now this is the way I do it.



I´m actually really bad at sketching and I would like to learn own style to sketch. Like people can tell that it is my sketch. That is my goal!



"All I want for winter is summer."
This summer dress I made flutters in the warm summer wind. My favorite season is summer. Even in cold winter I just want to wear summer dresses.

I get inspiration from the fabric. When I see fabric that I like, I usually know right away what I´m going to make. I dont design first. That is why I love fabric stores.



Safari and no I´m not talking about internet safari, I`m talking about these shorts that I made.
It is so weird when is summer, all you want to wear is colors but on winter is just gray and black clothes in the closet. Even though colors on winter would cheer us up!
Lets use more colours!



To me white lace and bare skin is the element of purity.
This is why I didn´t wear anything else than these shorts-skirt I made.
The feeling of these pictures is really calm and pure.



"She was in love, but in the end she was just a broken heart looking for love."

This is her story.

These pictures are very sensitive, because the girl is sensitive. 
I wanted to create a touchy, innocent and broken feeling in these pictures. 
The dress I made, is romantic with a dark twist. 



I made evening gown. This gown is made of our local newspaper, Helsingin sanomat.

My mom is really strict about recycling, so I decided to recycle my parents newspapers and tell a story. I used four daily newspapers. I cut individual news from the papers and glued to the fabric. This has been one of the most difficult "fabrics" I have ever work with.

My mom was the model because she bring credibility to this picture. She is 60-years old and knows and has gone through lot of things.

The atmosphere of the pictures is dramatic and strong.
Today´s newspapers is mostly about bad news around the world. Killing, war, hunger etc. but people only focus on their own lives and dont care others that much anymore, we are too selfish. 
. I wanted to bring that to the pictures.
"We walk forward with our evening gowns , pretending that we are blind to what happens elsewhere in the world. It is all about me, myself and I."
That is my message.



"She was the ghost of the basement."

I wanted to make a contrast for the dress and the environment, so I decided to shoot in the dark,narrow basement. It was really scary place, especially beacuse we didn´t have any light there. 
But this is the story of beautiful ghost, in the cold and scary basement.



I saw this fabric and knew right away that this is going to be a long dress.
Like a growing flower.
I really like the colors of the pictures.
Even though it was -15 dgrees outside, you can´t see it from the picture, the atmosphere is really warm because of the colors.
These pictures were taken outside of ugly, old factory. This was the only part of the wall that was painted, the bautiful part of the wall. Perfect with the dress!



Is it real?
No I cut it out from the paper.
Small-size paper things in the real world.
Just like us, small human beings in the big world.

xxx LolaMirjam